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Gino Sitson

This musician from Cameroon combines amazing vocal acrobatics and “corporal” percussions with rare creativity and great ease.



Thibault Cauvin

At only 23, Thibault Cauvinis already viewed asthe standard in classical guitar. He has impeccable technique and he demonstrates a sensibility and a musicality that is astonishing.




Susie Morgenstern : Confessions of a Fatsoe

Author Susie Morgenstern embarked on a new adventure when she accepted Daniel Sanzey's offer to bring her book Confessions of a Fatsoe to the stage.




The format is as follows: on screen a silent movie from the early 20th century, on stage a deejay who remixes a sound track live. The movie is transformed by this live mix.




Opus 4

Opus 4 is bringing back to life treasures from Russian, Romanian and Gypsy folklore, and, by borrowing some tried and true notions from jazz, are building cleverly constructed musical bridges connecting the two sides of the Atlantic.






Duo Nogales - Barnat

This young, extremely promising duo offers lyrical arts recitals accompanied by piano, beginning with a French theme and then finishing with a Spanish theme.




Les Lutins  

Each year, the winning short films at the Lutins (the equivalent of the “shorts” for the César) are distributed on DVD to promote the new talents of French cinema.



Trio Philippe Duchemin 

Composed by a bassist (Fabien Marcoz) and a guitarist (Dano Haider) around the pianist Philippe Duchemin, the Duchemin Trio is widely recognized in the world for the quality of his jazz, paying tribute to Oscar Peterson.




Compagnie Siyaj : Like a Couple of Brothers

A cell. Two men, life-long friends, almost brothers. Two men in a state of suspension... The staging, with its spare and symbolic décor, sticks to the task of encircling the script, the intentions and the deliberately unuttered words of author Maryse Condé.



Le Quatuor de Chartres

The renown of the Chartres Quartet comes from, and is the result of, a deep mutual understanding among these four musicians and friends, brought together in 1984 by thier common passion for repertoir of the 18th to 20th centuries..






Myriame El Yamani

Myriame El Yamani, a woman of words, tells stories through nature. However, she also loves to listen to people from all over and her stories are rooted in the intangible, liminal world.




La Caution

With a strong and obvious sonorous identity, brothers Hi-Tekk and Nikkfurie represent one of the most charismatic and atypical French Hip-Hop groups today.




Jeanine Baude

As part of Printemps des Poètes, a huge event in France organized at the initiative of the Ministry of Culture, and which has occurred annually since 1998, the General Delegation of the Alliance Française offers renouned poet Jeanine Baude in her tour of the United States.



Les Publivores

When advertisements become a performance...There are two options to choose from:
- French Ad-Eaters: a compilation of the best advertisements from the francophone world
- Night of the Ad-Eaters, a show that has been seen in more than 47 countries, and consists of advertisements which represent sixty nationalities



Duo Lê Quang-Peirani

For the past several years these two musicians have been fascinated by what happens musically by bringing together accordion and saxophone, especially because of the fast pace and liveliness that the combination can cause. Lyrical and incandescent, their music explores the varied sonorous and technical characteristics of the instruments.



Duo Cernat - Huillet

“A couple of musicians who have learned how to merge their talents at the highest levels. … Musicians of great individualism, with charismatic personalities, who breathe together like a single entity.” This was how well-known American critic Donald Rosenberg describes the Clara Cernat and Thierry Huillet duo.




Brice Kapel : Coloricocola

On the Way to Coloricocola … At the end of the journey, a joyous and colorful world. A show that liberates children’s imaginations while appealing to their dreams... the children know the way.





Didier Rousselet : Portraits Parisiens

Parisian Portraits” is a performance of soloists, consisting of ten humorous monologues. The characters, from the Paris of the 19th century and from the outskirts of the Paris of the late 20th century, are indecisive, manic, loud-mouthed, and talk just for the sake of talking.



Laurent Cirade et Paul Staïcu : Duel

Decked out at first with a piano, then a cello, followed by a burglar’s crowbar, and before too long, a chaise longue and a barbecue, two improbable beings appear from nowhere and explore every musical stereotype.






D'Irque et Fien : Oh suivant !

After years of intense training in circus arts and 12 years of experience in street theater in over 20 countries, D’Irque sits down at a table in this show to present a fresh and intimate circus.




Expositions provided upon request  2007-2008

If you wish to host one of this expositions, please contact Thierry Lagnau :


Muron, gravures

Above all, Jacaques Muron is an engraver and a draftsman. Image carving and the shapes of blank and light spances predominate his works.




Le Livre d'Art en France : le travail de la maison Bernard Chauveau

The posters are taken from the Editions Bernard Chauveau, which specialize in stencil illustrated books, fine arts, and French decorative arts.



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