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“Of all the young guitarists who have been entrusted to me in my 30-year career, there are those rare musicians who are exceptional and who stand out, a few “phenoms,” who you can count on one hand. There are those who are tireless, hard workers, those who have an insatiable curiosity, those with unconquerable passion, those who have too much talent (these are, for a professor, the most delicate cases); there are those, too, who develop a fine “know-how,” that’s to say, a flawless technique, a lovely musicality. Some even have the aptitude for making themselves known, the knack for self-promotion, that willingness and courage that’s necessary to bring music to others, to travel the world in order to be among its most innovative ambassadors.

This inner wealth, this musical intelligence, this innate, artistic sense, this sensibility which has its delicacy, but which also has an unlimited energy characterize this musician, the qualities of whom I’d like to boast about: Because, having had the advantage of having been the attentive witness to his early successes, and those that have continued right up till the present, from The National Conservatory of the Region of Bordeaux to my class at the National Conservatory of Advanced Study in Music in Paris, I can confide in you that Thibault Cauvin has not only all the personal and artistic qualities that I mentioned above, but also, and especially, he has a ton of talent.”

Olivier Chassain

Professor of guitar at the National Conservatory of Advanced Music Study, Paris, and the National Conservatory of the Bordeaux Region. Concert performer and composer.


In the Press


He’s brimming with talent and youth, but he also has the sobriety to do justice to the correct expression of a work. Thibault Cauvin is completely in his element. He has proven himself, with surprising maturity, to be a virtuoso performer, eminently musical, gifted, in addition, with an eclectic ear.

Los Angeles Times


Technical perfection and musical expression fully developed are the distinctive features of this remarkable phenomenon: Thibault Cauvin.

Robert Fontani / General Anzeiger


I was fascinated, wondering where he’d take the music... Cauvin has a real depth of understanding of the music he plays. He’s a full-fledged star.

Tom Kerstens


Musical slapstick that’s played in matching costume, with intense bursts of feeling and a love of life that really comes across.

Colin Cooper


One of the best classical guitarists that France has ever produced.



I was impressed by the colossal technique of Cauvin and by his youthful enthusiasm.

John W. Duarte


His technique is unbelievable and his sense of music makes it possible for him to play either Scarlatti or John Duarte in ways that are equally fascinating.

Jovan Pesec


To listen an excerpts of a Thibault Cauvin's CD, click here.
To access the website of Thibault Cauvin, click here.


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