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Theater Night Company: Heart’s Accord 

Nominated for several of France’s equivalent of the Tony award, the Molière, hailed by critics, “Heart’s Accord” is a superb musical comedy starring . . . a couple of vocal cords


Benzakoun Duo

Each and every appearance of these two pianists is an unforgettable musical experience, and with this trip of theirs to the U.S., now is the time to see and hear their exceptional talent.


Lê Quang-Peirani Duo

For the past several years, these two musicians have been fascinated by what happens musically by bringing together accordion and saxophone, especially the fast pace and liveliness that can come about. Lyrical and incandescent, their music explores the varied sonorous and technical characteristics of the instruments.


Alcaz, the tale of two people coming together, a man and a woman, a couple, a duo, a blending together of simplicity, assurance and freshness.


Franck Amsallem 

Having played with the likes of Harry Belafonte, Joe Chambers, Dave Lieberman, Roy Hargrove, and Danny Gaton, Franck Amsallem is considered to be one of the most influential and original jazz pianists of our times.


Jean-Pierre Armand 

A “globe-trotting storyteller,” Jean-Pierre Armand has the gift of making his listeners feel as though they’re traveling themselves, by just listening to his tales, which he has drawn from his countless travels around the world.



Corsican Polyphonies 

Leading figure in Corsican polyphony for the past twenty years now, Jacky Micaelli forged an original style, combining the sacred and the profanc, creating a place for herself on the international scene, as a performer of the first rank.


La Mauvaise Tete Theater Company: A man a chair 

Dance and theater taken to the extreme, and coming ever so close to crossing the thin line separating the profound and the ridiculous, this performance for both the ear and the eye tries to rediscover the emotions we all share, by way of a simple idea of a man and a chair.


Frédéric Pélassy 

Much more that the prodigal he was, acclaimed in Europe as well as around the world, Frédéric Pélassy is first and foremost an exceptional musician, the quality of whose performances has made him one of the foremost figures on the French classical music scene.

Raphy Rafaël 

Raphy Rafael, . . . he’s an energy, a voice, a musician with an infectious passion whos sings for children and adults who respond well to childhood.

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