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After years of intense training in circus arts and 12 years of experience in street theater in over 20 countries, D’Irque sits down at a table in this show to present a fresh and intimate circus.

Using the aforementioned table, a chair and some bouncing balls, and to the live accompaniment of Fien at the piano, D’Irique creates an atmosphere with surprising technical components and poetic simplicity in which audience participation can play an important role. The way D’Irque plays with everyday objects with a juggler’s virtuosity, an acrobat’s daring and with a good measure of humor has to be seen to be believed.

Oh Suivant ! Is a silent performance that takes your breath away and leaves you speechless.


The Performers


Dirk Van Boxelaire

Dirk was born in 1970 in Belgium and speaks fluent Flemish, French, English and Spanish. He began his circus career at the age of 24, after four years of music studies as a percussionist. He says a friend taught him to juggle with three balls in an hour, which was a revelation for him. From that point on he worked at it for eight hours a day, and after three years he put on his first solo juggling act : Cool. As a performer, he chose to do his act in the street, a space he’s at ease in. It’s less comfortable, perhaps, than a theater or a caberet but the street is a place where the unexpected and surprises can occur, and where the relationship with the audience is more intense. Since then, D’Irque has increased the number of his performances: Circo Paradiso, a new circus performance, in 1977; Piereke Just, an acrobatic juggling duo performed with Matt Ledding in 1998; Tobe2, a circus duo doing comic-theatrical circus street acts, which was performed till 2003; Be Quiet and Juggle, a solo comic performance with circus high technology that he has done since 2001; and, of course, Oh Suivant !, a new act of his that he’s been doing for two years. He performs wherever he can, whether in a small village square or in a European festival, whether it’s large or small. His acts, then, have been seen at the Vieilles Charrues in Carhaix, the street festival of Aurillac, le Chainon Manquant in Figeac, the European theater festival of Grenoble, the Madrid Street Festival, and the Sinterklaasfeest in Brussels. He’s now set to cross the Atlantic this year and perform in the United States.


Fien Van Herwegen

Born in 1980, and a Belgian national, Fien Van Herwegen began her studies in music in 1998 at the Hogeschool schone kunsten in St-Lucas Anvers in Belgium, where she studied piano. She quickly turned to improvisation and street performance, and during the three years from 1999 to 2003, she participated in the BIL Liga, an improvisational league in Belgium, before she joined up with D’Irque for his show Oh Suivant ! in 2005.


In the Press


« Oh Suivant ! » is an extremely dynamic show done with juggling and a table, a chair and bouncing balls, accompanied by balancing acts that richly deserve the sustained applause they receive from the audience.

Le Dauphiné Libéré


With a table, a chair and some balls, D’Irque takes us to a place of poetic simplicity. Accompanied on the piano by Fien, he plays with everyday objects with the virtuosity of a juggler.

Le Maine Libre


You don’t have to have dialogue to understand each other. On Monday evening, the acrobat and juggler, D’Irque, and his accompanist and companion Fien, proved the point in the way they related to their audience. A few gestures, certain looks, the ringing of a little bell were enough to get a member of the audience to pick up a ball to be juggled, to throw one in, retrieve a towel thrown to the ground, tap on a cup, take off a shoe . . .

Ouest France


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