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On the Way to Coloricocola … At the end of the journey, a joyous and colorful world. A show that liberates children’s imaginations while appealing to their dreams. This isn’t a fairy tale but rather a voyage of initiation, where each encounter is a new stage; set upon a background of social realism, we cross paths with those whose lives are difficult but rich. Brice Kapel offers everyone, little ones and grown-ups alike, the key to opening their inner selves. Everyone will leave a winner provided that those things that distinguish us from each other are seen as precious baggage that they carry along with them, all the way to an imaginary world. If children are the heroes of the story and of the show, it is no less a lesson for their parents. In Brice’s stash of simple words and in his warm voice with its varied rhythms, they find proof that the best defense in life is still dreaming. The only thing left to do is to let someone take your hand... the children know the way.

The show’s goal is to create an interactive experience between the singer and the children. During the performance, children and parents have to be up to each game that is suggested (miming, reproducing rhythmic sentences, singing...). With each game the audience is given a number of kilometers in order to get to Coloricocola.


The Performer


Brice Kapel is from all over. He is from here and there. He’s originally from Togo, where he was born, but he is also from Paris, where he arrived in 1970, as well as from the housing estates just outside Paris in Bosquets à Montfermeil, where he grew up, and, finally, from the United States, where he studied. Brice Kapel brings along with him a story that goes beyond any border. Both his rich personal resources as well as his musical ones have been drawn from the crossroads where all the things that make us different meet. From Africa, he has held on to his grandmother’s language, the joyful rhythms from his years of infancy in Togo. From everywhere else he’s picked up the different ingredients in his music, a delightful mélange of world, pop and reggae.

In 1992, his son Charly was born. Brice prefers to put his hope in the future. He’s happily exploring a new path in his musical career, by becoming a visiting musician in the schools in his adopted department in France, Seine Saint Denis, on the outskirts of Paris. In 1994 he started a “Music Aid” association there, which provides him the chance to offer students access to dynamic and interactive music. He thereby contributes to the development of the students’ cultural learning and their ability to listen, which, in return, brings something new to his own work.

Brice Kapel has recently come out with an album which plunges the youngest of listeners into the imaginary and reminds everyone that stark reality has its gentle side.


In the Press


Brice Kapel is a wonderful singer. He gets audiences singing and dancing, and tells African and Breton legends. You get the feeling that there is within him great mastery of play, and children respond as one to that.



Poetic, tender and funny, his songs bring the house down. Even the parents rise in ovation.



A pure talent, unbridled energy and bursting with cheerfulness. . . . An excellent composition of world music entirely written by Brice Kapel, who gets the audience dancing, too delighted to be able to follow the tempo.

Le Parisien


Brice Kapel is a message to us, an opening onto another world. More than a singer, he’s a magician.



This Brice Kapel is simply energy in its purest form. Not one word, not one song, no single gesture goes by the kids without their taking it to heart.

La dépêche du Midi


A moment without any artifice, and a man who gives of himself on stage and who has created for the occasion a universe all his own.

France Soir


His music liberates children’s imaginations, appealing to their dreams. . . . Brice provides everyone, little ones and grown-ups alike the key to their inner selves.



to access the website of Brice Kapel and to listen excerpts of his show, click here.


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