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La Caution is a group that stands apart...

Bolstered by an identity formed by a sound indisputably their own, brothers Hi-Tekk and Nikkfurie, from Noisy-le-Sec, near Paris, have forged for themselves a solid reputation from the many concerts and projects they’ve been involved in since 1996. Their success also follows their first release in May 2001 Asphalte Hurlante (Screaming Asphalt), which helped them quickly rise to the top as one of the most charismatic and distinctive French hip-hop groups.

The two emcees of La Caution have their own vision of writing and music. Their lyrics, which are intended to be “metaphors of urbanism,” have found a way of capturing the hearts of those who love finesse and performance, and, concerning their compositions, Nikkfurie is known for his love of innovation.

So it was in late 2004 when La Caution, about to make headlines for its instrumental version of Thé à la menthe (Mint Tea), the title of their second album yet to be published, was selected by Steven Soderbergh for the film Ocean’s 12 with its star-studded cast!

La Caution doesn’t stop there and will be working on “Sheitan,” the first feature-length film by Kim Chapiron (from the Kourtrajmé collective, which La Caution is part of). These two films feature the first works to have filtered through from this second album, so are anticipated by those in the know. The album goes by two titles Peines de Maures/Arc-en-ciel pour Daltoniens (Moors’ Troubles/Rainbow for the Color-blind), which was both a popular and a critical success.

In the Press

My choice for recording of the year is a double album. It’s the fruit of the labors of two passionate musicians, forming the duo La Caution. In the time it takes to listen to these thirty titles, this summary of emotions and delights makes you sit up and take notice, reviving your general outlook. They’ve got a lot on the ball, these two, and they know how to turn their sad tales into delicious morsels. A virtuoso with sampler drums, Nikkfurei transforms loops and break drums into melancholic symphonies, and their Moors’ Troubles will really choke you up. Their definition of music is exactly right: a color-blind rainbow. A recording for the senses, in the broadest sense.
Mouloud Achour / Les Inrockuptibles

Beyond their writing, which is so special, the group also stands out because of the originality of their music, closer to electro and funk than the rhythms of American rap, really approaching groups like TTC or the cinematographic collective Kourtrajmé.

The flows of theses two rappers have unbelievable variety but remain, nevertheless, quite recognizable; their lyrics push the art of the metaphor to such a new level that they are indeed the first to write rap that is conscious of itself that so directly addresses itself to our unconscious, thereby lowering a needless barrier that had separated devotés of hip-hop. Innovative without sinking into the shortcomings of the experimental, the duo knows, moreover, how to perform hymns (Screaming Asphalt / Mint Tea), which, married with their vast experience on stage turns their concerts into festive as well as explosive performances!
Les Eurockéennes

Success well earned for a group recognized for its unquenchable thirst for innovation and made up of the two brothers Hi-Tekk and Nikkfurie, from Noisy-le-Sec, near Paris, and who can boast of having made a hit with both the hip-hop as well as the electronic crowd. They are able, then, to reconcile the earliest fans of hip-hop with electronic music purists.

La Caution has brought us a fantastic double album: Moors’ Troubles/Rainbow for the Color-blind. The first time you listen to the album your reaction is nearly a physical one, and you come out of it wanting to go right back in by hitting “repeat.” We’re now in a time of the maturing process for French rap. Proof that it’s still alive and well.

Highly polished and discriminating as performers, La Caution demands a lot from themselves. And that goes both ways, in fact. The rappers, with their chiseled lyrics, demand that you listen very closely.
20 Minutes

The hip-hop world is in a state. The electro shock of French rap, as the magazine The Source called them, have arrived in Noisy-le-Sec. And it has a name: La Caution.
Le Parisien

To listen excerpts of the last album of La Caution click here.
To access the website of La Caution, click here.

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