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The objective of the Alliance Française is to facilitate exchanges between the local culture and French and Francophone cultures.
In the United States, each Alliance Française offers up to a hundred cultural and social events per year, in some cases enabling them to establish or sustain close to fifty partnerships and to promote local Francophone talents or artists from France or Francophone regions (Canada, Francophone Africa, Haiti, the Caribbean, etc.). In 2009, both the Alliances Françaises of Washington and Puerto Rico implemented cross-cultural artistic dance residences to encourage encounters and exchanges between local and French companies and professionals.
As a result of the diversity of these partnerships, the Alliance offers a chance for these speakers (lecturers and artists) to make contact with new audiences, including not only members and students of Alliance chapters but also students, professors and researchers from American universities (Departments of Romance Languages or French Studies, Political Science and European Studies, Law, Theatre Studies, etc.), students in French and French-American schools, international schools and art schools, members of foreign cultural centers (mainly the Goethe Institute), Francophone and Francophile communities associated with French companies, French-American Chambers of Commerce (FACC) and international affairs (WAC) and audiences of theaters, festivals, and museums.

The complete list of lectures and performances organized since 2005 can be found in the following archives: 

Speakers: 2010-2011
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Performances: 2010-2011
2009-2010   2008-2009   2007-2008   2006-2007   2005-2006 

Partners of the Délégation générale de l'Alliance Française

Each year, the Délégation générale de l'Alliance Françaisereceives the very welcome support of a number of French and American partners : Cultural Services of the Embassy of France in the United States (Book Office, Theatre-Dance Department in New York, Music Department), CulturesFrance, French Territorial Collectivities, various community organizations, National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), Rotary Club, World Affairs Council of America (WACA), International Organization of the Francophonie (OIF), Institut de France Radio (Canal Académie), Wallonie-Bruxelles Agency, Centre Francophone de la Chanson (Quebec).
We should also note the support of the Foundation Alliance Française and the Federation of Alliances Françaises USA.
Among our new partners for 2010 are: the National Center of Space Studies (CNES), the French Music Export Office in New York (BEMF), the City of Paris, the Image Forum, the Center for Francophonie in the Americas, Courrier International, la Maison de la Publicité (Advertising House) in Paris and the Osmothèque (Perfume Institute) in Versailles.
Partners of the Délégation générale

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