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Stéphane Audeguy 

Stéphane Audeguy is a novelist and essayist. His first two novels were both popular and critical successes : La Théorie des Nuages and Fils Unique, released in 2005 and 2006, respectively.


 Julie Barlow

Julie Barlow is a journalist,  an award-winning contributor to Canada’s main French language magazine, L’actualité, and has published in a wide variety of newspapers and magazines : The New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor et La Croix.


 Evelyne Bloch-Dano

Evelyne Bloch-Dano has an advanced degree in modern literature. In conjunction with her teaching career, she has published numerous books and articles on literature, both  scholarly articles and essays. The biographies she’s written are highly esteemed, and she has been the recipient of prestigious literary prizes.

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 Geneviève Brisac

Geneviève Brisac went on to receive advanced degrees in literature and taught French in Seine-Saint-Denis. She is currently editor at l’Ecole des Loisirs (the School for Leisure-Time Activities), where she also publishes books for children.

Jean-Loup Chiflet

Famous editor, Jean-Loup Chiflet is also the author of over fifty humorous books on language, the most famous of which is Sky My Husband! (Ciel mon mari!), published in 1985

Pierre-Edouard Deldique

Pierre-Edouard Deldique is a journalist who reported worldwide for RFI and became interested in International organizations.


Pierre-Yves Dugua

Both French and American, Pierre-Yves Dugua has resided in Washington, D.C., for more than 20 years. He is an economics correspondent in the United States for the daily newspaper Le Figaro, and his reporting is heard daily on French radio channels Radio France and Radio France Internationale.


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Sir Eldon Griffiths

Born in England, and educated at Cambridge and Yale, Sir Eldon Griffiths was elected in 1964 as Member of Parliament for the Conservative seat of Bury St. Edmunds.

Jean Harzic

For the past thirty years, Jean Harzic has had an important and enduring presence at the Alliance Française: he was the first Délégué général of the Alliance française of Paris in the United States and later became the Secrétaire général of the Alliance Française of Paris.


Ronald Katz

Ron Katz is an American journalist living in Paris. He has written extensively on travel and business issues for several newspapers and magazines. French America, his widely acclaimed second book, was the subject of a special exhibition in Paris and has gone through two printings.


Gaston Kelman

Born in Cameroun, Gaston Kelman is the author of I Am a Black Man and I Don’t Like Manioc, published in 2003. In this bestseller Kelman, with provocation and a good dose of humor, castigates the clichés associated with the condition of being black in our society.

Roland Lehoucq

Roland Lehoucq teaches physics at France’s prestigious engineering college, Ecole Polytéchnique. He is one of France’s specialists in cosmic topology, a discipline whose goal is to develop a method capable of determining the overall shape of the universe.

Guillaume Le Quintrec

Guillaume Le Quintrec is the editor of a series of books from publisher Editions Nathan. He publishes history textbooks for high school curricula in France. He was co-editor for the first Franco-German history textbook, from the publishers Nathan and Kent.

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Bernard Magnier

Bernard Magnier is one of the most brilliant specialists currently at work on African literature. Journalist by profession, He has worked for several years with Radio France International and is director of French publisher Acte Sud’s imprint « Afrique ».

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Michael Maibach

Michael Maibach may have been the first American elected under 21 years of age. Indeed, he was elected in 1972 to the Dekalb County Board (Illinois) just after the 26th Amendment went into effect. Prior to his election he was a Governor’s Fellow at the Illinois Department of Local Government during the summers of 1969 and 1970. 

Stéphane Martin

Since 2004, Stéphane Martin has been President of the Quai Branly Museum. This new museum in Paris is dedicated to the arts of Africa, Asia, Oceania, and the Americas.

Abdelwahab Meddeb

Abelwahab Meddeb is a writer and a poet. He is the producer of a show called « Cultures of Islam, » which is on the radio channel France-Culture, and directs the international journal Dédale, which he founded in 1995.

Susie Morgenstern

American author writing in french, Susie Morgenstern has published more than seventy books. She is one of the most famous authors of young adult litterature in France.



Jean-Benoit Nadeau

Jean-Benoît Nadeau has published six books and some 900 magazine articles, and won more than 30 awards and mentions in journalism. He ranks among the few Canadian journalists to publish both in French and in English.


Pierre Purseigle

Pierre Purseigle holds a Doctorate in History. Co-founder and President of the International Society for First World War Studies, he has taught Modern European History at the University of Toulouse and at Oxford.


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John E. Rielly

John E. Rielly is currently an Adjunct Professor of Political Science at Northwestern University and a Visiting Professor in the Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Affairs at the University of California, San Diego.


Hazel Rowley

For her last book, Rowley took on the most controversial couple in twentieth century France. Tête-à-Tête : Simone de Beauvoir et Jean-Paul Sartre was released in 2005 and received lavish international acclaim.


Patrick Segal

Patrick Segal is a multi-talented man : great sportsman, he played in the Paralympics Games of Seoul in 1988. He is also a writer and and a filmmaker. 

Antoine Sfeir

Antoine Sfeir is a journalist, managing editor of the journal Les Cahiers de l’Orient, a review of Asian politics, and he has been president of the Center on Near Eastern Studies since 1990.

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Simon Serfaty

In 2004, the World Affairs Councils of America selected Serfaty for inclusion in the Council’s Foreign Policy 500, an annual directory of the 500 individuals deemed most influential in shaping U.S. foreign policy.


Christopher Thompson

Christopher Thompson’s research on the social and cultural history of French cycling seeks to integrate the history of sport into broader themes of modern French history.



Hubert Vedrine

Former french minister of foreign affairs from 1997 to 2002. His expertise in international relations has led him to regularly publish news analyses in the French and foreign press. He also participates in numerous colloquiums and has served as moderator since 2003 for a seminar at the Institute of Political Studies in Paris on international relations.


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Milton Viorst

Milton Viorst sits on a number of committees and organizations dedicated to a durable peace in the Middle East. He has been the recipient of many awards and distinctions, including the French Legion of Honor in 2005.


Dominique Wolton

Currently the Research Director at C.N.R.S. (the French National Center for Scientific Research), Dr. Wolton has directed the Information, Communication and Scientific Issues Research Laboratory since 2000. He founded the international revue Hermès (published by CNRS) and has headed it since 1988.

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