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Jacques Andréani
The French difference
Free trade, market economy and globalization
World governance
The unification of Europe

Nicole Bacharan 
Diversity or “communautarisme”? Integration the French way, Integration the American way
Should we be afraid of America?
Franco-American rapprochement: towards a new transatlantic relationship?


Patrick Bensard 
Dance, Cinema
The tricks of memory (on the Cake Walk and the first Black artists in France)
Babilée, the Mystery
Jean-Paul Goude, French creator and world citizen


Serge Bokobza
History, Politics
La Fayette, Nicolas Sarkozy and France: Liberty versus Equality
French Judgements on La Fayette

In partnership with 
Rotary Club Paris Académies 

Jean-Louis Boursin
Science, Mathematics
Humor and mathematics
Does science still speak French?


In partnership with 

Christian Chesnot
Journalism, Middle-East
New questions in the East: challenges and important figures
Journalist in a high risk area: balancing safety and information


Catherine Clément
Anthropology, Psychoanalysis
Structuralism, forty years on
Psychoanalysis: Therapeutic or intellectual movement?


Mathieu Da Vinha
The King's men: Louis XIV's Valets of the Bedchamber
The love-life of Louis XIV
Hygiene at the Palace of Versailles

Hervé de Charette
The French Presidency of the European Union

In partnership with OIF 

Ananda Devi
Literature, Psychoanalysis
A question of engagement
Writing or psychoanalysis?
Langage(s), writing(s) and identitie(s)

Roger-Pol Droit
What is barbarism?
Michel Foucault as I knew him


Jacques Géraud
In search of Remembrance of Things Past 


Monique Giroux
French Songs
Eternal Charles Aznavour
Edith Piaf: hardly la Vie en rose

In partnership with WACA 

Sir Eldon Griffiths
Politics, Economics
Which way Europe? How will Euro-nationalism change relations with the United States?


In partnership with 
Federation AF USA 

Ronald Katz and Arielle de la Tour d'Auvergne
Architectural heritage, Photography
Lecture about French architectural heritage in America
Optional exhibition "France in America : architectural heritage"


Julia Kristeva
Philosophy, Politics
The emergence of a unified European culture: fact or fiction?



Christophe Laudamiel 
Art of Living Series : Perfume
Fact and fiction about perfuming at the dawn of the XXIst century
The perfume of Perfume, based on the best-selling novel by Patrick Süskind Perfume, The Story of a Murderer



In partnership with WACA 

Michael Maibach
Politics, Economics
Trans-Atlantic Competitiveness In A Globalizing Market


Alexandre Martin
Art of Living Series: Œnology (lecture and wine tasting)
Traditional winemaking in France
Learning about French Winemaking Regions through the Lives of a Few Great Men
Senses-Training Workshop: “Wine, Memory, and Language”


Paul Mathias
Philosophy, Internet
A Melting Pot for New Identities
On New Territories 
Experiencing the Internet with Montaigne


Yves Michaud
Philosophy, Society
The Contemporary Individual – Between Egotism and Compassion
Contemporary beauty
Tourism, culture and art

In partnership with CNRS 

May Morris
Science, Medecine
The cycle of a life (research and treatments of cancer)
Optional exhibition: Women in Physics


In partnership with Synergie 

Olivier Philipponnat
Irène Nemirovsky, a Russian Jew in Paris  
Origin and significance of Suite Française


In partnership with CNRS 

Lucia Reining
Science, Physics
In Search of Matter and its Radiation
Optional exhibition: Women in Physics



Michel Richart
Art of Living Series: Chocolate (Lecture and chocolate tasting)
High-quality chocolate:  a long chain of excellence
The art of tasting chocolate and selecting the perfect accompanying beverage

In partnership with WACA 

John E. Rielly
Politics. Economics
The Transatlantic Divide and the shift in world power to Asia?


In partnership with Synergie 

Jacques Roubaud
Readings and Presentation of Recent Works
Poésie or ‘Vroum Vroum’. The state of Poetry in France in the Year 2009
The Oulipo in the Year 2009



Elisabeth Roudinesco
Freud, the « penseur des Lumières sombres»
The Origins of perversion
Differences between the sexes: history and theories

In partnership with WACA 

Simon Serfaty
The Vital Partnership: power and order, America and Europe beyond Iraq


Laurence Tubiana
World governance and sustainable development: the challenges of the XXIst century





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