Born in 1953 in French-speaking Africa (his mother Spanish and his father Belgian), Raphy Rafael has been exposed to the music of his forebears since birth. He learned to play guitar at age 12 and began writing songs and singing at age 15. After some post-graduate work in music education from 1973 to 1977, he became a professional singer in 1981. In 1983 Raphy finished writing his first show, “Cob dit Bob (Cob Called Bob), followed by “Tout doux” (Two Sweet) in 1987, “Chanteur d’enfance” (literally, Singer of Childhood) in 1992 and “A fleur d’oreille” in 1998. He has appeared in Belgium, France, Switzerland, Spain, Latin America and Africa.
He sings for children and for adults in a musical entitled, literally in English, “Childhood Calls to Us, in French, in Spanish, in the language of Humor and in that of the Emotions!”
In 2000, in Tremblay-en-France (in the Paris region) Raphy finished work on “A choeur ouvert” (Heart Songs), a concert/performance “for all” performed with a choir of 200 children from the area and employing all the people power found in a city, in a region. A human and artistic adventure which etched itself into a profound cultural initiative and which took place, among other areas as well, in Clichy-sous-Bois and in 2003 in Belgium, Brittany and the Ardennes.
From 1986 to 2005, Raphy Rafael took part and appeared in numerous festivals, including the springtime festival in Bourges, les Rencontres de Louisianne, a theater festival in Montreal, the Belgian Cultural Week in Sarajevo, the Week of Francophony in Dakar, la Fete de la Francophonie in Chicago. . .
In 2005 Raphy finished work on his new concert for adults, Passeur d”Emotions (literally, Smuggler of Emotions).
The year 2006 saw the final recording of two of his new CDs, “Jeune Public” (literally Young Audience) and the completion of a DVD/documentary on the show “A choeur ouvert” (Heart Songs)


From the press


Raphy Right On! Raphy the Charm! It’s no exagerration to sing the praises of a show in which sweet songs slowly, very slowly, indeed, make you melt inside.

L'Express, Belgique


A show with great poetic warmth and demonstrating a finesse at every turn, a gem, musical elegance, and unbridled impertinence.

Le Devoir, Québec


A show with such exceptional professionalism that nothing gets in the way of the emotions conveyed.

Une Autre Chanson, Belgique


. . . Gravity, Poetry, Emotions. All the great sentiments . . .

Le Magazine Enfants, Québec


. . . a veritable musician with words and sounds, he pulls you in right away with the density and finesse of his universe.

The Times of Louisiana, USA


. . . shades of poetry, wonderfully enhanced lyricism . . . all in a show whose strength is its fragility and refusal to make concessions.

Le Ligueur, Belgique


Visit his Web site : http://www.raphyrafael.be


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