by Jean-Luc Annaix

« Interested in finding out about the workings of the human phonatory device, tool of the trade par excellence for a  singer-actor, I delved into research books about it and (re)discovered that every human being has, set into the cavity of the larynx, a couple of vocal cords which are responsible for emitting sounds. Absolute technological prodigies, the two pearly white ribbons of ligament, only 18 to 20 millimeters long, display, according to the specialists, a wonderful vitality. Retractions, elongations, twistings around, joinings together, vibrations, moments of sparkle, and arabesques are many of their daily exercises. I came up with the idea to create characters for the stage out of them, to give them a human appearance in the form of a duo. The only other thing left for me to do was to come up with what would be their fate, by having them confront a hostile environment. »


The story


As he does each day, Jean-Paul Legrincheux, a cantankerous old cuss, enjoys releasing his bile upon the world and spewing forth his hatred of the human race. Infuriated with all the shouting and yelling from their disagreable landlord, Elly and Lisa, two adorable and talented vocal cords decide, after 40 years of good, loyal service to their native larynx to leave for good and remake their lives. Their departure is not without its consequences, such as a resounding loss of voice which will . . . unleash everything to come.




Christin Peyssens

An actress-singer who is capable of taking on the widest variety of artistic genres, who can make the transition from the opera  to Paris’s cabarets, where she created the dual role in « Chris and Laure ». After taking a professional detour with the above-mentioned one-woman show, she settled in Nantes, where she worked for the theater under the direction of Jean-Luc Tardieu, and under Michel Liard, director at the Fol Ordinaire (Ordinary Fool)  theater.

Since 1988, Christine Peyssens has been involved in every artistic aspect of Théatre-Nuit’s (Theater Night’s) work. In 2005, she composed the music for Catherine Zambon’s text « Sorties de Nuit , » (Nights Out) (commissioned by the theater for its production of «Printemps » (Springtime).


Fabrice Rédor

Having received his academic training at the acting institute at Aix-en-Provence, he completed his training through his work with directors Christian Rist and Hélène Vincent as well as with the choreographer Claude Brumachon, at the national center for choreography in Nantes.

He has worked with most of the theatrical companies in Nantes: the company CRAC in « La double inconstance », « Game of Love and Chance ,» directed by Hélène Vincent, the company La Chamaille (Squabble Squabble) in « Othello, »  directed by Hervé Tougeron and the company Au Fol Ordinaire (Ordinary Fool) Théatre in « Chez les Titch, » (At Home with the Titch Family) by L. Calaferte.

In 2004 he co-directed « Don Juan » with Georges Richardeau, with Theatre de l’Ultime (Theater of the Ultimate).

His professional career has been linked to the Théatre-Nuit (Theater Night) since 1991 when it put on the musical comedy « Descent to Paradise » (Descent into Paradise) at the Avignon festival.


Press clippings


Starting right off with a premise that, to say the least, is original, Jean-Luc Annaix has conceived of a delightful musical production. . . . Christine Peyssens and Fabrice Redor bring a humorous light touch to their performance, which is the crowning achievement of this new hit.

Télérama – Michèle Bourcet

This tale is a hymn to the marvelous complexity linking the human condition to its environment, but Jean-Luc Annaix has, in addition, fashioned a subtle musical comedy to humble all his fellow thespians who are making it big in Paris.

Theothea October 7, 2003

The latest offering from Théatre-Nuit, from Nantes, « Battements de cœur pour duo de cordes » humorously and tenderly  brings to the stage the exploits of two, well, . . . vocal cords. A pleasurable experience that should be prescribed for all speech therapists. A musical comedy whose success will be assured  through . . . word of mouth.

L’Orthophoniste - Dominique Deporter 

What a wonderful script! Christine Peyssens and Fabrice Redor have found just the right tone. . . . Its staging is fascinating. The production transports us to a universe of dance, song, laughter, and love. Our three performers are so talented, and it’s not going to go unnoticed. I couldn’t be more « vocal » about this–Do NOT miss the chance to see this show!

La Provence – Clara Wilkinson


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