Learn French

People all over the world learn successfully in one of our chapter

Our 130 years of experience and constant development of our teaching methods, the qualifications of our teachers, our program based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL) ensure unrivalled quality and the greatest possible success for all learners.

A national and international curriculum ensures continuity of learning
A team of teachers trained in new teaching techniques
A unique place for total immersion
An official testing center
A resources center

French for adults

For more than 20 years, Alliance Française has benefited from advanced research in second language acquisition. The teaching methods and evaluation system are modeled on the 6 levels, from beginners to expert learners of the CEFRL.
This educational framework provides superior quality training and motivates students to understand, master and evaluate what they are learning and actively participate in the learning process.The CEFRL allows students to continue their studies uninterrupted, anywhere in our worldwide network, even if they move or travel.
The aim of the CEFRL is to promote international and professional mobility. It provides a basis for the skills required at different levels of language proficiency as well as a reference system that establishes correlations between tests and ability levels. This means that students, teachers, and decision makers (universities, employers etc.) use the CEFRL to compare test results with other results in all languages.

French for young people

Leading Alliance chapters in the United States teamed up with French experts to design French curricula and activities specifically catered to the needs and interests of young public called Smart Steps to French.
Whereas most programs rely on repetitive workshops with limited material, the Alliance française offers the possibility of evolving through different levels from beginners to bilingual learners. Unlimited options are yours to discover, so you can shape your child’s experience with the help of true specialists.
Striking the balance between fun and serious, the extensive program offers rigorous academic objectives while entertaining children with games, activities and what the Alliance française is probably the most famous for… cultural immersion.