AF Frames

AF Frames
AF FRAMES stands for:
French Alliance Model for Educational Standards
Format Référentiel des Alliances pour un Modèle Educatif Standardisé

Recognizing the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) as a solid ground for understanding French as a Foreign Language teaching, learning and assessment, the AF FRAMES project adapts the CEFR philosophy and components to the English-speaking learners’ needs.

What does it mean for your Alliance Chapter?

By participating in the AF FRAMES project, your chapter has clearly stated its commitment to pedagogical excellence.

  • In order to complete the project, your instructors of French as Foreign Language have undergone a series of professional development workshops on the latest standards and techniques applying to their craft.
  • The teaching staff team has laid the groundwork for continued reflection on best practices in setting objectives for the classroom, in teaching these objectives, and in assessing their results.
  • Your school curricula and pedagogical materials are current with the latest publications. They have been carefully examined and improved, when needed, according to commonly recognized standards which are understood and supported throughout the world in over 40 languages.

What does it mean to you?

  • Clear learning objectives, as defined by a widely understood “global scale”
  • Better preparation of certifications and diplomas, as most are now CEFR compliant
  • Standardized evaluation
  • Better understanding of your needs; better communication and “portability” of your achievements
  • Overall, the guarantee that you have enrolled in a school which dedicates a great deal of resources and time to improving and controlling the quality of its teaching.