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Found an Alliance française

An Alliance Française is a nonprofit association whose objective is to raise awareness of French language and French and Francophone cultures.
It is a cultural and linguistic organization open to international cooperation and dynamic exchanges.
Firmly implanted in their local community, representative of a large common will, the local chapters of the Alliance Française maintain a network of relations with their academic, cultural and economic environment.

Legally and financially independent, each local chapter of the Alliance Française perpetuates the spirit of a vast international movement that begun in Paris in 1883, and whose head is the Fondation Alliance Française, the only organization empowered to grant the label “Alliance Française.”

French Alliances are guided by an intercultural principle, the will to promote cultural diversity and a commitment to provide high quality services to the public. They offer a wide range of cultural activities and francophone media libraries, attractive to their members and their students.

In matters of pedagogy, curricula and teacher training, the Alliance Française chapters are considered as centers of expertise and excellence.

Building and developing a local Chapter of the Alliance Française is therefore a long-term project, which requires patience, commitment and passion. Every non profit organization wishing to obtain this label must meet strict criteria of quality and commit to respect them in the long term.

More information on this subject on the site of the Alliance Française foundation