Training Opportunities

The themes and workshops constitute an open list, which will evolve as needs arise and resources are found.

Although they target the specifics of teaching in an Alliance Française chapter, some of these workshops can be of interest to a wider audience. Inviting American teachers of French or relevant representatives of your partners in the field of education makes up for an enriching experience. Some AF chapters already extend invitation to their professional days. In this spirit, we also recommend a look at the training calendar issued by the SEF (French Schools services) and the Cultural Services (SCULE).   

  • To request a training sponsored by the Dg in your AF chapter, to express an interest in a specific topic that would not appear in our list, or to describe a workshop that you could personaly lead, please contact the coordonnateur pédagogique by filling up the following  fiche de renseignements
  • Please provide feedback on a training session you hosted by filling up a quick form  fiche de suivi


Please see the French section for a complete and detailed listing

CEF Presentation

Presentation of the Common European Framework for teaching and learning Foreign languages. Workshops concerning the use of the manuals, how to write a curriculum and a related placement test, how to evaluate and develop student self-assessment.

CIEP Diplomas: DELF and DALF

A one-week training seminar to make your Alliance chapter a certified exam center for Delf and Dalf

Interactive whiteboard and the Foreign language class

A workshop to train yourself and your staff on how to use the interactive whiteboard and the many new possibilities it has to offer for your classes.

Teaching materials

Trainings to specific manuals you will select among the most popular French FSL materials available in the US. Software recommendations and reviews ; internet activities in and outside the classroom.

Phonetics applied to teaching FSL

Reference documents Objectives and strategies for teaching pronunciation.  

Learn and Teach with TV5

How to use audio-visual materials. Resources available from and review of the different programs. Related activities designed for learners at all levels

French in Acting

Workshop about how to transform any text into a play ; intonation and pronunciation as reinforced by acting techniques. 

French through clichés and stereotypes

A ready-made workshop on approaching French culture and linguistics through clichés  

School management and marketing (for educational directors)

How to build a course catalog, choose management tools, set an adminstrative framework, design a communication plan and promote classes...



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