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In 2010, enter the AATF National French Contest for a chance to win the Alliance Française Prize:

1 linguistic stay in Paris, airfare, lodging and tuition included*
125 French books for your High School library*

* Terms and conditions apply

Who qualifies for the Alliance Française prize?

Any national winner of a national first place in Le Grand Concours 2010 in Level 3, 4 or 5 (divisions A, D, and E only)

Who wins?

A final selection designates one winner of the Alliance Française Grand Prize

What do I win?

1 AIR FRANCE Washington-Paris roundtrip ticket for you and a parent or legal guardian*
1 week stay in Paris for you and a parent or legal guardian *
1 week tuition with the AF de Paris International School of French for you*
Your stay will also include a complimentary tour of Sciences Po Paris, Center for the Americas

* Terms and conditions apply

There’s more?

Your school library will receive a donation of 125 books, DVDs and/or CDs in French, related to France, the French-speaking world and the French language, graciously offered by HACHETTE FLE.

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