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The Rotary Academic Prize is offered by the Rotary Club Paris Académies and the Alliance Française in the United States as a special prize awarded in the AATF “Grand Concours”.

1) Eligibility of candidates submitting their entry to The Rotary Academic Prize.
To enter the drawing for The Rotary Academic Prize, you must participate in the AATF “Grand Concours”, and therefore comply with all the eligibility rules set by the AATF National Committee. Only contestants enrolled in Grade 11, French levels 3, 4 or 5 and belonging to divisions A, D, and E are eligible to enter The Rotary Academic Prize.  The entry form downloadable below must be signed by a parent or legal custodian at the time of your participation in the “Grand Concours”.

2) Conditions applying to the drawing for The Rotary Academic Prize.
The pool of contestants considered in the drawing is primarily constituted of national gold, silver and bronze medalists in Le Grand Concours 2009 of AATF, enrolled in grade 11, in French Level 3, 4 or 5, divisions A, D, or E only. The random drawing will be administered by members of the AATF “Grand Concours” National Committee in mid-April 2009. A drawing among eligible “gold medalists” will first occur. If there is no “gold medalist” eligible for the random drawing, the Committee will then draw from a pool of “silver medalists”. If there is no elligible “silver medalist”, the Committee will then draw from a pool of “bronze medalist” and so forth. The Rotary reserves the right to make the final selection of The Rotary Academic Prize recipient. The prize will be awarded to the winner by the “Rotary Academic Prize Committee” composed of representatives of the Rotary, of AATF and of Alliance Française USA.

3) Conditions applying to the acceptance of The Rotary Academic Prize.
The Rotary Academic Prize consists of one 2-week linguistic stay in Paris, including free accommodation provided by a Rotary host-family, free 2-week enrollment in French classes at the Alliance Française de Paris, and free airfare for one roundtrip from Washington, DC, United States to Paris, France. The winner of The Rotary Academic Prize must be age 16 or older at the time of his or her travel to France. The winner of The Rotary Academic Prize will comply with rules and regulations set by the Rotary and pertaining to the organization of the roundtrip travel to France and stay in a Rotary host-family. Failure to accept these rules and regulations by the candidate selected during the random drawing renders the said selected candidate ineligible for the prize, which will be awarded to the next selected candidate under the same conditions. The winner of The Rotary Academic Prize understands that he or she will travel to France for a 2-week stay during the summer following his or her entry in the AATF “Grand Concours”. By submitting this entry form, he or she declares to be available for an award ceremony to be held in the United States during the spring, and for a 2-week stay in France during the summer.

4) The Rotary, the Alliance Française in the United States and the American Association of Teachers of French reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of The Rotary Academic Prize at any time and for any reason.

5) Liability.
All contestants must abide by articles 1) 2) 3) 4) and 5) of the regulations in order to qualify for the Rotary Academic Prize. The organizers of the AATF “Grand Concours” and “Rotary Academic Prize” cannot be held responsible for any damage or injury incurred at the time of the contest, at the time of the awards or during the trip and the stay abroad, including that arising in whole or in part from the negligence of the organizers. Acceptance of the invitation to enter the drawing and/or of the award(s) shall be deemed to be consent by the contestant and the parent(s) or guardian, if the contestant is a minor, to these conditions.




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