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When the universe of Jacques Brel comes face to face with the Hip Hop solo of Aurélien Kairo, De Fakto Company

“To associate Jacques Brel with hip-hop dance is quite an idea!  “J'arrive!” (…) sets the tone of a program where all styles of dance, throbbing with new esthetic emotions, are going to rub elbows.” This original artistic creation, bearing messages about the search for love, old age and death, is positive proof that anything is possible!”

A year and a half of work with the director Guy Boley, for a 45-minute performance, based on Jacques Brel songs, gives you an idea of how intense this performance is!  An emotional path which begins with the excitement of the romantic rendez-vous: the exalted voice and rhythm of Brel who “is waiting for Madeleine”, astonishingly modern, transports the character into a joyous euphoria”
Valreas TRP

At age 30, Aurélien Kairo is successfully pursuing a faultless career as a choreographer and trainer, but also as a dancer-performer for Pietragalla, Béjart and for less “classical” companies such as Accrorap or Käfig. From the street to theaters, from the urban scene to the rural world, the relationship to his audiences, to all generations, is at the heart of Aurélien Kairo’s creative process.

The Performer

This self-taught native of Lyon discovered hip-hop dance in 1993. Today he is the artistic director of the De Fakto Company which offers a hybrid and lively dance language where music, emotion, laughter, and the gravity of feelings have priority. His choreographic adventure began in 1995 with the rap group DNC. In 1998, he participated as a dancer in the Défilé [Procession] of the Dance Biennial in Lyon, where he later scripted a choreography in 2006.

His first creation "Artmonie" was presented at the Rencontres Cultures Urbaines [Urban Culture Encounters] in La Villette in 1999, at the International Dance Biennial in Val-De-Marne, at Festival Danse Ville Danse in 2001, and at the Maison de la Danse in Lyon.

Throughout his career, Aurélien Kairo has been able to nourish and enrich his art by these multiple exchanges. In 2000, with free reign in Genoa, Maurice Béjart gave the young dancer the chance to present a short piece “All Around the World” in public. He would next dance in several Béjart performances, The Child King, "The Jerk" and the performances "Light of Waters", "The Presbytery" and "Boléro".

Since 2005, Aurélien Kairo has lent his talent to Marie-Claude Pietragalla in the performance of Human Conditions [“Conditions humaines"], presented at the Zéniths in Lille and Nantes, at the Palais des Sports in Paris, at l’Espace Malraux in Joué-lès-Tours.

In the interim, he criss-crossed the world with the Accrorap Company from 2000 to 2001 (performances of “M’Panendro” and “Quilombo”), the Käfig Company from 2002 to 2005 (performances “Le Chêne et le Roseau” [“The Oak and the Reed”]) and the Malka Company from 2004 to 2005 (“Malandragem”).

As a trainer, Aurélien Kairo offers special activities at the National Choreographic Center in Caen and at more occasional events like the Dance Biennials in Lyons and the Hip-Hop and Company Festival in Poitiers.

Training Workshops

In addition to the performance, Aurélien Kairo offers training workshops in hip-hop dance (information provided upon request).

Performance News

The new performance by the De Fakto Company J’arrive! was first staged at the Dance Biennial in Lyons in 2006, at the Festival Drôle(s) d’hip hop in Avignon in 2007 before being performed in 2008 at the Rencontres Cultures Urbaines de La Villette.


Aurélien Kairo: choreography and performance.


New dance solo, inspired by hip-hop dance and the repertory of songs by Jacques Brel.
Duration: 50 minutes without intermission.

A man seated somewhere with a bouquet of flowers in his hand,
 is obviously waiting for a woman.
This story recounts the desperate quest for love,
old age, and death.
Carried along by the humanistic universe
of the songs of Jacques Brel,
a dancer navigates between Buster Keaton and Fred Astaire
and provides us with a unique, hybrid dance language,
 with its roots in hip hop." J’arrive! [I’m coming!]
"Tender, funny, poetic, and brilliant!
Guy Boley, July 2006 (Dramaturgy and direction)

De Fakto Company is receiving support from the city of Lyon.

Link to De Fakto Company’s website: www.compagniedefakto.com
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