Dj Oil et Jeff Sharel 

Nuit électronique


Hardened to musical experimentation in all genres, alongside traditional musicians from all horizons and almost every country, Lionel Corsini, also known as DJ Oil, and Jean-François Roit L'Evêque, AKA Jeff Sharel, propose a "club formula" for their American tour. They distill electronic music rich in funk and jazz influences: they blend their dance-floor science for soirees with high-potency creative and unbridled energy

For the past two years, the project Ashes to Machines launched our two DJs on a trip around the world in more than 20 countries (Madagascar, Mauritius, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Burundi, Mozambique, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, etc.). Each time it's a renewed experience of creation and their presentation to the public…Dozens of musicians have joined them on stage for unexpected, unheard of concerts…Finally, it is the conviction that musical meetings carried out with humility and finesse open pathways to exploration and offer the music of tomorrow.

The musicians

DJ Oil  
A native of Marseille, Lionel Corsini founded the group the Troublemakers. With a DJ for a father, Lionel has been listening to vinyl since infancy. Better known under the name of DJ Oil, his music moves between funk, jazz, R 'n' B, hip-hop, Latino, electro, and acid jazz. It was on the sharp American label Guidance Recordings that their first work, Doubts & Convictions, was released in 2000. It was rapidly distributed in the United States and Japan, and the group began an American tour that let them show their talent for live performances. On stage, the accomplices surround themselves with true musicians such as flutist Magic Malik and a video jockey, thus creating a unique flow between the worlds of sounds and visuals. Their style is so particular it is almost unclassifiable. Lionel Corsini also has solo projects and prestigious collaborations, all while building himself a solid reputation as a DJ at parties and events in Europe and Japan.

Jeff Sharel
Outside of trends but never outside of his era, Jeff Sharel navigates a different musical planet. In the early 1990s, techno arrived, as well as the incomprehension that it causes. Far from that, Jeff Sharel produced his first album in the United States under the Strata label. At the age of 20, he was creating house music, saturated with the heat of a club and where elements of jazz could be heard. They told me that I had a New York sound. I didn't know what it is…So, for the first time, I became interested in that city's mythic artists—Joe Clausell, The Masters At Work, Lil' Louis, Finger Inc—and I started to buy my first albums.

His growth has been notable: classical instruments (piano, voice) have reappeared, and Jeff has accentuated his jazz and organic beats. "This album takes up the work of a young man." He combines classical instruments and electronic, dance, house and jazz, notably with the track Tribute Finale, in homage to Miles Davis's album On the Corner. "House music had become formulaic. With this album, I wanted to explore new territory." Then he took off for Africa with Frédéric Galliano and appeared on jazz musician Julien Lourau's Gambit, an album between jazz and drum & bass that gives tender reference to African and Oriental climates. He joined him for a long tour, which took him from Africa to Latin America. Two years on the road, during which they met up with the king of afrobeat, Tony Allen (drummer for Fela Kuti) and Sharel explored the blending of electronic and organic (jazz, afrobeat) music.

Now, while there is a fringe of pop music that is taken with techno, Jeff Sharel refuses to participate and has come back with a fully electronic sound on his second album, Résistances

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