Alain Daboncourt et Lei Weng

Recital for flute and piano, Homage to Olivier Messiaen (1908-1992)


Two virtuoso musicians sharing common qualities, both have performed with symphonic orchestras or as soloists in numerous countries Alain Daboncourt and Lei Weng have been invited by the University of Chicago to perform on October 9, 2008 where they will combine talents in a unique tribute to Olivier Messiaen (1908-1992).

The Artists

Alain Daboncourt, flute
Is it possible to define Alain Daboncourt any other way than as an eclectic concert artist?  Performing with musicians and ensembles hailing from all points of the compass (Russian Chamber Philharmonic, Kharkov Philharmonic, Chisinau Philharmonic, Manchester Sinfonia, Stockholm Chamber Orchestra, Macau Chamber Orchestra...), Daboncourt has succeeded in developing an extremely diverse repertoire.

From J.S. Bach to Penderecki and Takemitsu, his range comprises original works as well as transcriptions. He interprets major concertos (there are more than eighty in his repertoire) and has to date made twelve records and played in dozens of countries, including the United States.

Lei Weng, piano
The exceptional talent of Lei Weng, currently teaching as piano professor at the University of Northern Colorado, has made him a prodigious pianist noted in the most prominent international competitions and concert halls (Carnegie Hall in New York, Meany Hall in Seattle, Beijing Music Hall in Beijing). 

Lei Weng has performed with the symphonic orchestras of Cincinnati, Seattle and Indianapolis and with the orchestras of Fort Worth, Beijing, Tianjin and the China national Symphony and Chorus.  His admired interpretations have been described as being extremely subtle (Cincinnati Post), flamboyant and colorful (Herald Times), fabulous, fresh, unique, and unpredictable (Dallas Morning News).  He has likewise performed and collaborated in chamber music with such renowned musicians as James Levine, Emanuel Ax, and Claude Frank.

The Program

Claude Debussy

  • Prélude à l'Après-midi d'un Faune (“Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun”, transcription for flute and piano by K. Lensky)
  • Syrinx

Olivier Messiaen

  • Le Merle Bleu (“The Blue Rock Thrush”, excerpt from the Bird Catalogue, piano solo)
  • Le Merle Noir (“The Blackbird”, flute and piano)      


André Jolivet

  • Two incantations for flute
  • Le Chant de Linos (flute and piano)       

Francis Poulenc 

  • Sonata for flute and piano


Press Coverage

Alain Daboncourt

... the flutist Alain Daboncourt’s vibrancy is both limber and pure, his intonation perfect and his virtuosity a certainty… a major talent….real musical qualities...
Diapason, Serge Coste


Alain Daboncourt’s beautiful shaping of phrases never sacrifices the melody to the brilliance of his effortlessly mastered ornamentations, giving life and naturalness to these salon pieces. 
Diapason, Michèle Delagneau

Lei Weng

Fabulous playing –really fresh, personal.  I love the unpredictability, the willingness to take chances, not just to sound like someone else…
Dallas Morning News

Colorful and delicate.
New York Concert Review

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