CharlElie Couture 

I left to rebuild, to reinvent myself. I found what I needed, and music grabbed me like a fairy tugging at your sleeve.
CharlElie Couture

About the Artist

Sign: Scorpio
Eye color: Green
High school focus: AC7bis (Fine Arts)
Enjoys: working in the morning, laughing, eating and drinking nice food, rather than eating a lot
Dislikes: misogynistic macho men, waiting for people, taking orders
Weaknesses: quibbles over details, harsh
Strengths: Sense of humor, will power
Favorite food: Escargots de Bourgogne, Thai soup, etc.
Hobbies: Tennis, motorcycles, fishing
Idiosyncrasies: Closing closet doors before going to bed
Favorite movie: Seven Samurai
Favorite actor: Paul Newman, Michel Simon
Favorite singer/musician: Ray Léma, Bob Dylan, Ray Charles, Brian Eno
Favorite writer: Le Clézio
What he watches on TV: Documentaries, sports (boxing, tennis)
Favorite memory: first time he flew in a plane

CharlElie Couture has been on the music scene for more than twenty years, making his way far from the beaten path to the fringes of the French media landscape.

His vision of the world has nothing to do with idées reçues, those preconceived notions. With his inimitable way with words and his one-of-a-kind look, the man is instantly recognizable. Equally comfortable in front of a keyboard or guitar or with a paintbrush in hand, CharlElie is a multi-facetted rock artist – what Americans call a “Renaissance man.”

Musician, poet, writer, painter, photographer and designer, CharlElie works best when adding new projects: my music experience adds to my painting, and vice versa. Like a chameleon whose color changes with the surrounding leaves, CharlElie lets the city engulf him. This gourmand and passionate rock poet takes an interest in everything – from the digital on the computer to the physical with the scent of tar on his canvases. Since the beginning of his career, he has cut 25 albums, performed 1,500 concerts, and composed 17 soundtracks. CharlElie currently lives in New York.

New YorCoeur

While his previous album took a long time to produce, including studio time and finishing touches done by computer, New YorCoeur was born very naturally. It delivers pure literary rock created during his Canadian tour. He composes the music, writes the lyrics, and surrounds himself with American punk rock musicians such as drummer Billy Ficca from the band Television, and bassist Ernie Brooks. The mixing for the album, which brings out all the brilliance of the music, was entrusted to the American Jay Braun, and, as always, to Dombrance, who worked with CharlElie in person. The mixing, all on their own, was done in Room 1606 of a downtown New York hotel under renovation which they turned into a studio for the occasion. The new CharlElie Couture album is a mix of saturated guitars and insightful lyrics—a rant, tuned into the world. And with New York always at the center of Tous les hommes, written like a Prévert-style list of the nationalities and types of people that make up the great metropolis and that swings like a plea for tolerance.

CharlElie Couture: vocals, guitar, keyboard
Karim Attoumane: guitar
Serge Salibur:  bass
Florent Savigny: drums

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Link to clips from the album New YorCœur:

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