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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dear Friends,

Summer is here and many Alliance Française chapters in the US network are joining Alliance Française chapters around the world this week in celebrating the Fête de la Musique.  This year marks the 28th anniversary of the festival, with displays of a range of eclectic programs that are all well within the spirit of the event. 

The festive spirit will shine again in two weeks on Bastille Day, which is traditionally the holiday most celebrated by American Alliance Française chapters.  That special date is an occasion for them to reach out to the community, and many do it in grand style.  When Lillet approached the General Delegation to suggest a sponsorship with the Alliance Française chapters in the network, our thoughts turned to all of the celebrations organized around the French national holiday.

As temperatures start to rise, the General Delegation is already working on its programs for Fall 2009.

I encourage you to look into the new pedagogical programs presented by Pascal Saura, most notably the release of Great Decisions 2009 and the workshops added to the selection of available training seminars.  We would especially like to draw the attention of Alliance directors wishing to implement the Smart Steps to French program to Christophe Mouraux’s workshop.  Mr. Mouraux works at the French Library Alliance Française de Boston, which, along with Chicago and the FIAF, has spearheaded the Smart Steps program.

I also encourage you to look at Isabelle Gruet’s upate on cultural events

Isabelle offers a summary of Christophe Laudamiel’s extraordinary presentation, Scent Opera, at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, following his tour of 10 Alliance chapters in the network.  She also reminds us of the 2009-2010 cultural season highlights, for which there is still time to sign up, (please note that certain conditions apply.)  Finally, Isabelle turns our attention to Home, the documentary by Luc Besson and Yann Arthus-Bertrand, that is being distributed for free and with the support of the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.

Last but not least, hats off to our friend, Lili Chopra, Vice-President Cultural Affairs at the French Institute Alliance Française of New York, who has been chosen by America’s French-language magazine, France Amérique, as one of the ”50 most influential French people in the United States.”  The Fondation Alliance Française and its General Delegation would like to take this opportunity to pay homage to the work done by the entire team of the Alliance Française fleet in the United States.

Wishing you all a good start to the summer,


Thierry Lagnau  
General Delegate



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