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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

As a follow-up to the Smart Steps to French  training seminar  held in Boston on April 11-12, 2009 (see report [fr]), the General Delegation keeps a video of Hugues Denisot's presentation available for the American network.

This rather lengthy audiovisual archive (5 DVDs) has not been cut or edited and should therefore be analyzed by the pedagogical director prior to being shown as part of a local training session. Most of the content is relevant to the topic but since the total running time is 15 hours, it would be best to select certain sections.  A dozen copies are available for free upon request from .

A second and final series of notes on Smart Steps to French , submitted by Agnès VOLPON from the Alliance Française de Miami et Ft.-Lauderdale and subsequent to those submitted by Ronda LECHAIRE-CALLAHAN from Atlanta, is now available. Download the notes .

It is a great pleasure to announce that a new training specialist for children’s classes in the framework of Smart Steps to French is now available.

Christophe MOURAUX, co-author of the national program and coordinator of children’s classes at the French Library Alliance Française de Boston, has recently added a workshop to our catalog of professional development opportunities. At your request, he is now available to help organize your children’s programs and train staff. To learn more about this opportunity, please follow the link below:

L'enseignement aux enfants dans le cadre du programme Smart Steps to French
Audit-conseil sur l'organisation de cours pour enfants en Alliance. Formation des enseignants à des pratiques de classe adaptées.
Voir la formation

In addition, two new training workshops were recently added to our catalog, thanks to Nasser LARKEM, instructor at the FIAF in New York :

  • Adaptations au cinéma d'œuvres littéraires francophones
    Avec TV5MONDE, développer des activités en classe à partir d’adaptations tirées d’œuvres littéraires francophones.Voir la formation
  • Traduction et nouvelles technologies dans l’enseignement du fle
    Se familiariser avec des propositions d’exploitation pédagogique basées sur le thème et la version.Voir la formation


For additional information or further requests:

Pascal SAURA
Délégué général adjoint

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