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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

What is MERLIN?
How to use MERLIN for your Alliance chapter?
How are the contents organized?

What is MERLIN?
Media Resources for Language Instruction

Project MERLIN provides a link between Alliance Française language classes and media libraries.

  • Places the Library as a central factor in the language-learning process
  • Promotes usage of the library by students and members
  • Will help librarians/staff build a Centre de Ressources FLE for your students
  • Encourages librarians to be a part of the language learning process as a coach, cultural agent and teacher in their own right
  • Unites the library and the school for the service of students and teachers

As a result, this website provides access to bibliographies, online activities, pedagogical contents and other information about French language learning. One access targets learners of French while the other caters to Teachers and Librarians.

How to use MERLIN for your Alliance |

MERLIN provides help to teachers and learners

  • Inform your media librarian, your teachers and students 
  • Promote MERLIN on your website and in your brochures (include MERLIN in your "useful links" and "resources" lists).
  • Make MERLIN the homepage of at least one internet station in your library.


Content layout

Librarians, teachers and Education directors

Learners of French


Katharine BRANNING
Director of the Media Library of FIAF, NY

Pascal SAURA
Deputy General Delegate

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