Piano Recital by Caroline Sageman
Selected Variations from the Works of Franz Liszt and Frédéric Chopin

Photo Credit : Frédérique Le Calvez

In celebration of Frédéric Chopin’s 200th birthday

“Caroline Sageman makes the musical pieces she plays come alive by achieving an illuminated tone, an orchestral opulence.  Forceful and assertive when she has to be, no harsh note, though, ever emerges from her Steinway.”
Le Monde

You don’t have to be clairvoyant to see that behind this formerly vulnerable child prodigy a musical talent of great worth had been hidden, as well as a sincere and passionate artist.”
World of Music

“A formidable young talent has been revealed in the form of this pianist, a fanciful artist, who has finally, with this new recording, it seems, found her way.”

Winner for piano at the Warsaw Chopin Competition, at the age of 17, Caroline Sageman performs with ease while playing the works of the greatest composers of 19th century Romantic music.

The Performer

A former child prodigy, Caroline Sageman won first prize at the Kingdom of  Music competition at the age of nine, which paved the way for her first performance at Paris’s distinguished Salle Pleyel. Audiences found it riveting to see a child on stage whose feet didn’t even reach the pedals of the piano but who nevertheless held her own with Radio France’s Philharmonic Orchestra, while playing Haydn’s Concerto in D Major. You see the same determination in her face now that you did when she was a child, convincing you that she didn’t simply learn to play music, she was born into it.

With training from the likes of such greats as Germaine Mounier, Milosz Magin, Hubert Guillard and Merces De Silva, Caroline Sageman masters her art in an astonishing manner. At age 17, she won the Warsaw Chopin Competition, for which she remains the youngest winner to this day, while taking sixth place in the international competition.  In May 2000, she came out with her first recording of Chopin on the Lyrinx label. In 2004, the recording of Liszt’s Sonata served as validation of her talent as pianist. With a fanciful nature combined with sincerity and passion, she succeeded  brilliantly in her performance of the Hungarian pianist’s compositions. She carries us along in an impressionistic musical whirlwind through her highly distinctive style of play. Her daring strategy of using every octave of the piano makes its loveliest tones shine through.

In a dazzling recital that shows both explosive and restrained playing at once, she is faithful to the genius of Franz Liszt.

Performances and Recordings

In 2002, Caroline Sageman came out with her first work on Franz Liszt, on the Lyrinx label. Two years later she came out with her second album on the compositions of Liszt, also on the Lyrinx label. In April 2008, she performed in the Spring Arts Festival of Monte Carlo. Her recordings of Franz Liszt, all on the Lyrinx label, still make news as she performs at various venues in France and Europe. In 2007, her performances in France includedAix-en-Provence, Bourg-la-Reine, Caen, Chateauneuf-Le-Rouge and Pontlevoye. She also performed in Geneva in 2007 and in Parma in 2004.


Caroline Sageman: Piano soloist


Performances of works by Franz Liszt and Frédéric Chopin
Link to the artist’s web site: http://sageman.free.fr/

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