Friday, May 12, 2006

Dear Friends,

Many of you, presidents, directors or board members fly to France every year.

Some Alliance chapters have negotiated deals with travel agents or with an airline.

As not only airplanes but also airfares are soaring, the Délégation générale wishes to look into a possible partnership with an airline.

As a matter of fact, the volume of transatlantic flights bought by the Délégation générale for our guests -whether speakers or artists- represents a non-negligible argument in the negotiation we intend to initiate with airlines operating transatlantic routes.

If you are interested in having your Alliance chapter join in this negotiation, please let us know by May 31 and forward us the number of transatlantic flights you assess will be needed by your chapter from September 06 to August 07, based on previous years.

From the response we will be getting, we will study how to approach the airlines.

Bien cordialement,

Thierry Lagnau
Délégué général adjoint

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