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Saturday, August 29, 2009

The online FRAMES placement test allows users to send to the Alliance Française chapter of their choise a written production based on the core competencies identified for each level of the CEFR. The text is used by the alliance staff to conduct a first assessment which will help with the placement of the future student in the class best suited for her or his needs.

The online service is available since December 2007  and was progressively integrated in the recruitment process of over 59 Alliance chapters located in the United States and Puerto Rico, in Canada and Ireland. To this day, about 9,000 copies of the test, a version of which targets Spanish-speakers, were sent to the Alliance centers of these three countries.  

So as to facilitate the management of the test by Alliance staff, the General Delegation in the United States published a Guide sommaire pour l'évaluation des productions écrites.  

Download an exerpt of the Guide [fr]

To obtain a full copy of the guide, please contact me by email: 

Pascal SAURA
Délégué général adjoint

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