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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

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Dear Friends,

While most of the Alliance Française chapters in the network are cleaning up after their Bastille Day celebrations, I would like to take this opportunity to update you on the upcoming changes among the agents employed by the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, effective as of September 1st.

Jean-Pierre Mahoué has come to the end of his term at the Alliance Française de Dallas and will leave Texas to return to the green pastures of his native Normandy. 

Working closely with the board of directors and with his president, Gabriel Lugo, he has put the Alliance Française back on track, where it has become an influential local presence.  Due to measures aimed at reducing the number of expatriate personnel, the Alliance will not be able to benefit from the expertise of a new détaché director, however, the groundwork that has been laid over a period of just four years at the Alliance Française de Dallas leaves it in good standing for the future.

Didier Rousselière will be leaving California, where he has served the four Alliance Française chapters of the Los Angeles area during the same period with great professionalism. Didier has actively contributed to the growth of the Alliances of La Riviera Californienne, San Diego and Pasadena during this time.

The Alliance Française de Los Angeles’ relocation to its magnificent offices in the Consulate general ‘s building and its significant increase in activity and in student registrations between 2005 and 2007 are both to Didier’s credit.  There will not be a successor for Didier’s position. 

The two agents at the Delegation general whose contracts are due to terminate on August 31, 2009 have recently been informed that their respective positions have been renewed.

I am therefore pleased to announce a one-year extension for Pascal Saura and a two-year extension for me.

Along with Isabelle, we will have the great pleasure of continuing our work in service of the Alliance Française network in the United States and of reconnecting with you at the end of the summer to discuss projects for 2009-2010.

At the end of this summer, we will also be saying good-bye to Philippe Timon, who will be leaving the Alliance Française de Miami, to which he dedicated eight years of his career.

As a "détaché" from 2001 to 2005 and then as a local recruit, Philippe Timon created rich and abundant programs which lead his Alliance to become over the years one of the biggest in the network.  Along with his board of directors, Philippe launched and nurtured an ambitious architectural project that resulted in the 2007 relocation of the Alliance Française de Miami into a new, modern and prestigious multipurpose space.

We would like to thank those who are leaving the network for their substantial and much appreciated contributions, and to wish them good luck in their future careers.

In the next AF en Bref, we will welcome those who will be joining us on September 1st. In addition to Philippe Timon’s successor, whose nomination is in the process of becoming official, we will welcome Alain Lecouls, presently the director of the Alliance Française de Roseau in Dominica, as director of the Alliance Française de La Nouvelle-Orleans. Alain has spent many years working in the service of Boulevard Raspail.

Wishing you all a wonderful summer,


Thierry Lagnau
Delegate general

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