Mid-year board meeting of the Federation

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Greetings from the Federation of Alliances Françaises, newly returned from our successful mid-year board meeting which was held in Dearborn, Michigan. We also chose to include a Regional Meeting for those chapters who found the home of Henry Ford a convenient location to gather and discuss local needs.

The three chapters from the greater Detroit area, the Toledo, Ohio chapter, and representatives from Chicago, Kentucky, and Kansas City were present and welcomed by Marie-Laure Arnaud, Regional Vice-President of the Board. Presentations by Thierry Lagnau, Becca Brodarick, Mimi Gregory and Dr. David Mohan were given, followed by discussions regarding regional chapter needs.

The Federation Board met for the first time since the January 1st “changing of the guard”, and discussions were fruitful and practical. Now, while you may think that is an oxymoron, I can assure you that there was an abundance of good news…the fruitful part; and the practical side resulted in some careful choices for the 2009 budget, while trying to preserve the opportunities for our chapters to have grants for meaningful projects.

A new Strategic Planning Committee was put in place with Bernard Metais, Chairman, and Alwyn Rougier-Chapman on board to generate the plan.

Several grant applications have been sent out with proposals to underwrite our educational and cultural offerings, and we welcome any suggestions you may have for contacts.

Thierry Lagnau reviewed the “state of the chapters”, and we were pleased to hear that although the number of students has decreased by 8.9%, the number of enrollments has increased by 6.5% in 2008 compared to 2007. Forty one chapters took part in the  cultural programs organized by Isabelle Gruet; and ”AF FRAMES” is now in use by 27 chapters in the United States while most of the Canadian chapters use the program. There are 70 teaching Alliances in the network, and just as our forefathers discovered new lands, Thierry Lagnau discovered a new chapter, with the help of Consul-General Philippe Vinogradoff of Miami, on St.Thomas, in the US Virgin Islands!

“One Book, One Federation” Chairman, Louis Kyle, is trying to “seal the deal” on our choice for this year. He will be aided by Matt Wyatt, and I hope we can keep you all in suspense just a bit longer before revealing the title.

Thanks are due to Alexandra Stafford for some good ideas on communication which we hope to implement soon. An update of our website is coming as well as the introduction of a new “portal”, in partnership with the Delegation, that is part of the Protocol signed with the late Pierre Hudelot.

The Grant Committee, led by Daniele Easton and including board members Eileen Brau and Misa Bourdoiseau, will begin to research cultural and educational projects for grants and that information will be posted on the website.

As you are aware, our Assembleé Générale will be held at the Palmer House in Chicago, October 22nd to 25th, and Becca Brodarick is already hard at work on the workshops and speakers, along with our Treasurer, Carole Crosby. The Palmer House is resplendent, in fact: dazzling!  Rates at $139. per night single and $159 per night double, are outstanding for this property and we hope you will sign-up soon. Location is: 17 East Monroe St. Chicago, IL 60603. Phone # is: (312) 726-7500. Ask for Federation of Alliances Françaises rate.

In an imaginative moment, the Federation Board chose Las Vegas as the site of our Mid-Year Board Meeting for 2010. Dates are: April 22-25. We hope this will ease the costs for our western state residents and very attractive rates are available in this location due to the economy. Of course we will try to secure the PARIS Hotel for the meeting.

Finally, Larissa and I have been hard at work on “Le Mag” which has gone off to the publishers in Paris for layout. We have gathered many interesting articles, photos and chapter reports for inclusion. When returned to us for proofing, we will count on Mary Emory, Charles Coulon, Eileen Brau, Monique Davaust, and Sonia Bohelay for the job of proof reading.

J'espère que vous êtes bien au fait des projets de la Fédération. Nous serons heureux, de notre côté, d’apporter dans la mesure du possible notre soutien et notre aide financière aux vôtres. D’ici au prochain envoi de L'AF en bref, n’hesitez pas à consulter notre site web pour les dernières nouvelles et, s'il vous plaît, informez-nous des nouvelles de vos Alliances.

Mimi C. Gregory

Please note the new phone numbers to reach the Federation office
Tel: 1-312-431-1880   
Fax: 1-312-431-1889

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