Prix de la Plume for 2008 Awarded to
Claude Schlesinger

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Communication from the Federation of Alliances Françaises USA

The Prix de la Plume, awarded yearly by the Federation for excellence in areas related to writing or publishing, has been awarded to Claude Schlesinger of the AF de la Nouvelle Orléans in recognition of more than ten years of service to the Federation.

Claude is a New Orleans native and former President of the AF de New Orleans. Claude and his family have always been devotees of France and French culture. He believes in promoting the French culture and language in the United States, particularly since it played such a prominent role in our Nation's history and in Louisiana's development, in particular. He also believes in promoting the exchange of the French culture and history with the American people who oftentimes (especially recently) have a somewhat isolationist perspective.

Previous winners of the Prix de la Plume include;

  • Joe Rivlin (AF de Portland OR)
  • Mary Emory (AF de MIlwaukee WI)
  • Rebecca Valette (President, French Library Alliance Française de Boston)

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