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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A Communication from the Federation of Alliances Françaises USA

Tous mes meilleurs voeux a tous !
My best wishes reach out to the great wide world of francophonie which remains a uniting force when so much of the world is in turmoil.

Here in our network we shall continue our mission of spreading an understanding of French culture with the teaching of the French language and the development of the many different programs to which you bring such enthusiasm and creativity.

In the last weeks I have spoken French, sung French, listened to French, even taught un, deux, trois to my youngest grandchild. Thanks to your efforts there is a palpable interest in "things French" whether at a high intellectual level or at the more grass roots niveau of wine, brie and crêpes. Nor am I forgetting the glass of champagne that many of you raised last night!

As you make your New Year resolutions and we all know that some will fail, I encourage you to tell the Federation your needs for without information it is difficult for us to act. I would like you to remember that encouragement and financial aid are available and we are here to help you and support you however we can. I look forward to working with you en alliance

Bonne Année. 

Jane Bernbach, Présidente

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