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Friday, November 09, 2007

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A most sincere thank you for the honor  you have done me in electing me as President of this wonderful Federation which unites us. I am sensitive to the trust you place in me.

My goal will be to achieve further successes in bringing support to all chapters of the American reseau. I will miss the presence of my dear friend and colleague, Pierre Hudelot. I am happy to be joined by Thierry Lagnau who now assumes a new position as Delegue General. Our collaboration will certainly be based on our mutual desire to put our many resources at the disposal of as many Alliances Françaises as possible.

French is my maternal language and I have been imbued with francophone culture since birth. I will strive  with your help to bring both to as wide an audience as possible. I was pleased to see so many of you at our Assemblée Générale and Convention in Milwaukee and I am sure, as I did, you found much to interest you at the workshops and lectures.

I would like to thank the whole team of the AF de Milwaukee and my fellow board members Mary Emory and Becca Broderick who made the meetings such an unqualified success. So onward, to work in alliance and entente cordiale.

Jane Bernbach

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