Protocol Agreement

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Dear Friends,

It is with joy and hope that we present to you the Protocol Agreement completed in March 2007 between the Fédération des Alliance Françaises USA, Inc. et la Délégation générale de l’Alliance Française de Paris aux Etats-Unis.

Developed in a spirit of conciliation and understanding, this document shows that we have surmounted the divergences of the past in order to cooperatively envision the challenges of the future. As Délégué général, Pierre Hudelot believed that mutual understanding was necessary for the prosperity of the Alliance network.  He therefore consistently worked toward the appeasement of tensions and renewed cooperation between the two entities.  Long wished for by the Ambassador of France, and supported by the conviction of the Délégué général, this agreement was formed in close consultation with a welcoming Fédération in the wake of the Saint Louis Convention.

The propositions that make up the agreement follow the belief that the roles of the Fédération and the Délégation are not to be confused, and should instead mutually reinforce and articulate one another in a complimentary relationship at the service of the Alliances.  By remembering the statuary distinctions and the historical missions that characterize the Fédération and the Délégation, the Protocol explores the avenues by which their differences will assure diversified benefits for the network.

The purpose of reframing our respective roles is to promote new synergies: among the initiatives formulated in the Protocol is a call to work together in the areas of fundraising, communication, and the cultural and educational activities of the Alliances.  Many of these intentions have already been put into action, whether it be the wide range of grants proposed to the Alliances this year, or this electronic newsletter, which is now shared by the Fédération and the Délégation.  Without a doubt, the future will show that the possibilities for cooperation and creativity are limitless. 

Finally, by reaffirming a shared mission to better serve you, the Protocol Agreement hopes to inspire all of the Alliances in the United States to have confidence in the virtues of exchange and openness.  The Alliances Françaises are stronger when they are united and interconnected; they become mutually enriched by the assurance of belonging to the same idea.

We are certain that the Protocol Agreement that you are about to discover is an important step in this direction. 


Carole Crosby
Federation of Alliances Françaises USA, Inc.

Thierry Lagnau
Délégué général
Délégation générale de l’Alliance Française de Paris aux Etats-Unis

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