Launching of the Tournées Festival 2007-2008

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Tournées Festival invites you to create your own French Film Festival in association with the University of your choice.

Apply for a grant from The Tournées Festival, a program of FACE supported by the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (Application deadline: July 31, 2007).

You will find details on the program and the application procedures on our website:

The Tournées Festival selection is made of the best films released in France in the past year, some of which have not yet been shown in U.S. theaters. The selection is a real reflection of what French authors are up to. You will find a wide array of genres, from the pure fiction of established filmmakers like Resnais or Chabrol to unique new voices (“13 Tzameti”), as well as documentaries that take on social issues (“Beyond Hatred”), and short films (“Paris, Je t’Aime”). As different as the films may be, they have one thing in common: they are all, in their deepest nature, pieces of art.

The Tournées Festival gives the public a chance to discover French films in professional conditions. A film festival creates a
propitious ground for discussions and mutual expressions of views, and gives the opportunity of sharing a common experience.

The Tournées Festival Team

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