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En français: Rapid Success in French for Beginners

Based on the highly successful intensive weekend courses run by the Language Immersion Institute at New Paltz, New York, this new series offers high energy communicative audio programs that help learners acquire a rapid proficiency in the language of their choice. Focusing on the ability to hold real world conversations, the program's engaging story line­­told through dialogues that follow a group of friends who travel abroad­­prepares students for such practical communication topics as greetings and introductions, farewells, talking about themselves, understanding directions, going shopping, using time and dates, and many other situations commonly encountered by travelers. The clear, uncluttered course book also provides extensive cultural guidelines, while three lively audio CDs engage the learner's vocal participation.

Type Pratique
Catalog 100 Titles for Learners of French
Features avec 3 CDs
Publisher New York: McGraw-Hill
Year Published 2003
Authors Bendali, Marc
Level A1